“Glory to our living God Amen, I thank the Lord God for His grace, I don’t know how to express my feellings after I just read The Valentine Prophesies a word of love, a word of hope, a word of faith, and a word of grace to us God’s children. My eyes are now opened and I’ve stepped on a new level spiritually, it is true that God watches us from a distance the prophecies has proved, God knows the today’s church better than we church know Him. Oh the book is a blessing to me. May God bless his servant DAVID DELLIT who was also faithful to deliver what God sent to us.”
Francis Mutende, Kenya


“…so much love that you know the Holy Spirit is moved in David Dellit!
Absolutely wonderful! Answered some questions I had! This book is filled with conviction and so much love that you know the Holy Spirit is moved in David Dellit! God Bless the author and His words!”
5 Star Amazon Review


“…this is God pleading with a people that will be left behind…
This message – every single part of it, has been on my heart for the past few years. This is not bashing – this is God pleading with a people that will be left behind when He comes for those who are in love with Him. It is the deepest heart of our Savior, hoping that by making His Heart known, He will break through to more of the children He loves. No doubt about it – He is returning and it will be soon – When His Spirit is taken out of the world and the person who calls himself Christian because he goes to church on Sunday, or says they believe in Jesus is left without wife or husband or children, friends or the man in the seat next to him at church, and he wonders why – if he had returned to his First Love that he had left when he was first saved he would have been one that had been taken. Then all left will know the age of mercy has ended and they will know they must return to that love of Jesus they had; but it will cost them their life in a world that has become a living hell. Please, please take this message to heart. God is speaking to His people.”
5 Star Amazon Review


“Man of God! The Lord called me in 1994 while at Egerton University in Kenya. He took me through the school of His Holy Spirit. I know whom I am in my Father’s house. In the past I could read one sentence in a book then the Holy Spirit tells me not to read further, it’s not His inspired book. With The Valentine Prophecies, it’s different! He lets me read on and on! And He is very happy man of God David Dellit.”
Albert Obayi, Kitale, Kenya


“I can honestly say that the Holy Spirit gave me both books a week ago and it confirms what I have been seeing and what is revealed to me by God. You will not be the same after reading this Love Letter from God our Father.”
Riaan Scholtz, South Africa


“I got a copy [of The Valentine Prophecies]…what a wonderful seasonal message from the heart of God!”
Joseph Mulabbi, Uganda, Africa.


“I purchased mine on Amazon got it yesterday. I am on “who will be left behind” section. I had a hard time putting it down last night to go to bed. It has compelled me to fast, pray and seek a deeper intimacy walk with the Lord and battle strongly on my knees for the souls of unsaved loved ones including those in my house. Thank you David.”
Gina Wellman


Hi prophet David. All that comes from you, its not you, but God speaketh in you. God speaks to his people strongly in prophecy. Amos 3: 8.
James Mategwa, Kenya


“The Lord has delivered the valentine prophecies to the UK Manchester all the way from my wonderful friend Leila Nord. Thank you sooooo much for blessing me with these treasures for the UK. They will go to the hands that the Lord will reveal to me and I’m soooooo excited and will be feasting today. Oh yummy. I’m already tasting the fruit of this delivery, thanks to my awesome friend and author of both these books David Dellit, who I’ve been privileged to connect with over Facebook and most of all in spirit and pure truth. Sooooo thank God for this man and the testimonies from this book around the world is taking off. God bless Gina Barker for the work you’re doing too. It’s all amazing, and to all who see this post I highly recommend you get online Amazon and get you and your church a copy of these. God bless Harriet Namalike whose distributing these also where the lord has planted and established you. There is sooo many more testimonies to come. Check these out. It will take you to the level the Lord wants us all to go. Amen. Sooooo excited, so expectant, thank you Lord. Send these to the ones you want, Lord.”
Phillip Hulme of the UK


“These books are straight from the heart of the Father. I’m sooooo blessed and honored to have received these. Thank you Leila Nord, David Dellit, and for your comment David. I will be truly drinking in every word given in these books. They’re not just information too, they are revelation. Amen. I believe David, Leila, Harriet Namalike, Gina barker, we will meet in the near future, in fact, I see it face-to-face, shoulder-to-shoulder about the Father’s business. Amen. Yes. There will be follow-ups from receiving these. I can smell the fruit now for the Father to be glorified and that I know full well it’s what we are all about. Amen. Thanks guys.”
Phillip Hulme of the UK


I am so blessed to have received both books. There is so much in that corroborate revelations that I have received. Thank you for answering God’s call and I pray that those who do not have an intimate relationship with God read the words given to you and that they repent and give their whole lives to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, serving Him unquestionably and learning His Word, the only Truth. Blessings to you.
Riaan Scholtz, South Africa


Zelma shares the blessings she has received reading 2 Revelation [prior to reading TVP] – and she expresses her thanks to God, to her Aunty Gina [Gina Barker] who gave her copies of 2 Revelation and TVP.


“This is a great inspired book! I think all should read it! I know from my experience, no I don’t work for the author! LOL, I know it changed my life!”
P. Gurney


“Hi everyone! I just wanted to tell everyone how much this book has made me think and has taught me. It is nothing that isn’t already in the bible, BUT, David let God speak through him bringing the points to light that we need to pay special attention to right now! Amazing book! Thank you David!”
Rebbecca Davis, Toronto, Canada


Valentines Prophesies, the Lord’s Manifesto to his Bride:
“God will surely bring to complete fulfillment, that which he has started. Huge Awakening and Revival will start in Chicago. Chicago is the place to be. Satan is so devious and sly. The wrong convention center booked. Then 13 gift boxes go missing. He knows that he has been defeated, but he still persists. Authority and Righteousness(Ark of the Covenant) the Power of the Resurrected Jesus Christ with his double edged sword of truth marching upfront, undefeatable and united with his body of Christ to claim his bride. Amen. Praise the Lord of Lords, and the King of Kings. Valentines Prophesies, the Lord’s Manifesto to his Bride. May God bless you brother David Dellit, obedient servant of Almighty God. Amen”
Apostle David Bernard Edwards, South Africa.


“My eyes fixed on every page…hearing the voice of Papa God. Thank you, David.  Be blessed.  Amen.”
Helene de Wit


“I am LOVING your book! I keep reading the parts over and over. I know that it is all already in the Bible, but God highlighted through you what he needs us to hear right now. Thank you!”
Rebbecca Davis, Toronto


“Every sentence in this book is amazing. It’s the voice of God speaking. I am so blessed to share in this precious. I am not going to remain the same.  The Valentine Prophecies contain a love message for the bride, It’s not just an ordinary book, because the words contained are words of life, truth, and the Holy Spirit of God. It’s amazing to hear God speaking through his word of love. Listen and obey his voice. Get a copy of this precious book and your life will never remain the same. It does not discriminate. All believers are called to prepare for the great festival through repentance and seeking counsel to have a close intimacy with God. Let all wake up from slumber and begin to walk and talk with our God. May the Spirit of God help to draw, guide, lead, and direct us all in his truth, which is love, as we wait upon his coming. Stay blessed, and Jesus reign.”
Harriet Namalike, Uganda, AFRICA [adjusted English]


“Wow!!!! This is a book that is a must read. I started to read the book the same day as I received it. It is amazing. It is the truth and nothing but the truth. It has changed my life dramatically. I am a very difficult person in the way I live my life. I was always overly defensive, but now I am calm and still as the Father says to be still. I talk to God more often now than before. I am not halfway finished reading it. I read it slowly, because I don’t want the pages to finish. I take in what I read. It is as if God speaks deep in my Soul. I am doing the things that God is saying in the book. It is as if God is speaking the words to me. After every few pages I put the book down to let it sink in. This is the way I want each and every person to be. I want the bride to be perfect. I want my lovely children to know what I know. I want everyone to be loved by me, like God loves. You cannot change those around you if you don’t first change yourself, because you might be the only ‘bible’ someone else is reading. When my light shines out, I will be able to turn the people around me in the right direction. Be still and learn and take it in. Soak it up like a sponge. Fill your glass to overflowing so that it will flow over towards your family and friends. Spend time with God and we will fall in love with God. Thank you David Dellit that God can use you. I tell everyone about this book and tell them our future is God and only God. God’s words in this book pierce like a knife slicing meat open down to the bone. It is time for change. It is like honey for my soul. I love God with all I have in me and it is growing daily. Thank you so much. God bless all who read this book.”
Gina Barker – South Africa [English adjusted]


“Thank you Jesus, for instructing David Dellit, to write; and thank you David, for the message we received. It has changed our destiny.” Amen! Blessings. Leila Nord, Jachin Boaz Ministries, Australia.


Prophet Paulinus Nnate:


“The Valentine Prophecies are real messages from God. There was a man called Apostle John who was banished by Emperor Domitian on the Island of Patmos A D. 81-96. God manifest and gave him a message to all the churches in Asia. That is why we have the book of Revelation, with the message Repent! Behold I come quickly!

And today, God sends another Man in the Person of David Dellit. This man is a prophet of our time.

The Valentine prophecies, God gave to a prophet of our time David Dellit, to warn us about our ways, for us to have a change of mind. To seek first, Jesus, in front of the cross, the back of the cross every other sins shall be added. The greatest miracle, is soul salvation. Let us listen to valentine prophecies and repent fully. The Lord bless you all.

The Valentine Prophecies is miraculous. God has sent another Elijah here. The Bible says, ‘…in the days of his power his people will…’. This is the day of his power.

I prophesy to everyone out there, the miracle of God has come your way breaking every yoke of sorrows in Jesus Name Amen.”
Prophet Paulinus Nnate August 22, 2014 [adjusted English]


“Hi again David!
We received our copy of the book yesterday…and my wife and I have been devouring it. The more we read the more convinced we are that God has indeed inspired what is written on its pages.”
R & C


A Prophetic Word…
Dear David. Thus says the Lord your God [June 28, 2014]:
“I am exceedingly pleased with you. Your obedience to Me stands as a Memorial in the presence of My Father. I am saying to you this evening that your every need and desire is met. You have shared my heart with many already and My words to the dead church will do what I have done in Ezekiel 37 when I brought the dead bones to live again. Do not ever doubt Me for I am with you and I will do my pleasure through you. I the Lord your God has spoken.” Praise God. … I will read [The Valentine Prophecies] … and cherish it. … It is as if God is saying to me that I will quote a lot … during my upcoming ministry.

About the Book…
“This is a must read. It is as if God is speaking directly to me through the pages. The love of God for His Special creation “man” is felt with every sentence on every page. But with God’s love there is also God’s rebuke. This is the book for the end-times with God’s end-time message to His bride. When God speaks it touches my heart and I am touched with every word I read.”
Alex Andraos – Author of ‘THE TRUTH ABOUT CREATION Evolution Exposed. The Bible authenticated’


“I love the book and don’t want it to end. Thank you for such obedience. So blessed!”
Greta Kataha-Spica
Prophet, Missionary, Founder of Hearts Ablaze,
Setting Nations & Saints on FIRE for Yeshua!


“Hello David – When I got your request to join our group, I read some messages on your profile and took an interest in your book. One message that I read moved the Holy Spirit deeply in my spirit and I knew I wanted to see more. I haven’t been able to put down the Valentine Prophesies because I can hear God’s voice calling to my heart and spirit. I have been hearing the same from Him; it is the purpose of my ministry. … I welcome your sharing what God is saying to you, David, in our group. His voice needs to be available to all willing to listen.  Love, in His Service, Joanne”
Joanne Baumeister
Founder/Mentor/Published Writer at Founder: Comfort In The Arms of God Ministries


“I am reading The Valentine Prophesies. Indeed, this is a book written by you as a human, but God took you over, and the book was written by God Himself. Awesome! I am so blessed to have this book. I can feel the Holy Spirit is moving and talking to me in and through The Valentine Prophecies. Hallelujah! Praise Almighty God.”
Ms G.B., Africa [English assisted]


“My churches today are like the Pharisees.” ~The Valentine Prophecies
“Wow! Finally, an honest Christian prophesies TRUTH to the Body of Christ. Thank you for sharing your revelations with a Bride who so desperately needs them. Far too many congregations claim ‘the Canon is closed,’ but here you are, a powerful voice who is tuned to the Voice of our Father.”
Joshua Lisec
Founder & Chief Legacy Scribe
Legacy Editions Publishing LLC


“Good morning David. Thank you once more for helping me, and for praying for me. God bless you so much with word and with wisdom. So far in The Valentine Prophecies, I have learned so much. It is changing the way I am thinking, and it is not even difficult to change. It is as if God is planting a totally new way of doing, understanding, and a new way of thinking inside my mind and my heart…the truth will set you free.”
Ms Barker [assisted English]


“Hey brother, you know many religious leaders will not like you saying Papa God speaks. He speaks to me the same way…I know you hear from God and you are being real, because the Spirit is confirming to me you hear from God. It is hard to speak to his people who don’t want to hear the truth or change anything. They will have a rude awakening, and this will be the only way his people will wake up. Then it will be the great awakening – that is what Papa God told me. Many blessings to you. I will share as much as I can…also in my classes, to tell everybody to get the book.”
Pastor Gabriele Dumbar


“Amen. I believe as a Christian and a God fearing man of God that this book would not only be great for the believer, but the sinner as well. If there ever was a time that we need to be ready for his soon coming, it’s today. Today is the day of salvation. People, Jesus is coming after a church, one without spot, or blemish, and that church that I’m talking about is you, the body of Christ. The Lord said that he would spew you out of his mouth if you were lukewarm. God is trying to get his bride ready for the rapture of the church, and if you think that, it’s hard to live now, please don’t get left behind, because the first three and one half years will be bad, but the last three and a half will be when all hell is released. I believe everyone needs this book to read, study, meditate on, and to grow on. … God bless you brother David”
Evangelist James Bailey 
Minister of the Gospel at Harvest Time Outreach without Walls Ministries, Inc.


“Hi David,
It’s so amazing the kind of true revelations coming from God through you, and one thing that I love is you listening with the correct ear. Definitely God is speaking to those who open their ears of the heart and prophecy warnings; correction is what Jesus died for. The last hour is most dangerous and the world is quickly turning deaf to the voice of true prophecy. Prosperity prophecy sends people into a frenzy and committing more sins on wild parties, adultery, fornication, hate, and jealousy. May God keep on giving you the energy to share with all of us on the Good news for repentance.”
Ms G.C.


“Wow! What a blessing of supernatural proportions. But then that is exactly what the Holy Spirit specializes in – supernatural surprises! I have no idea how I found this book. I was scrolling through…well. I don’t know what…and happened across this link and straightway transferred the shared information to our ministry page. Then sat in my moment of horror, as I questioned with the Lord why I would share with the folks who share our pages, and ministry in general, something I knew nothing about, penned by a guy I knew nothing about. I prayed in earnest as I contemplated how to delete it as quickly as I had shared it…before anyone else got to see it, and start asking me questions – I knew nothing about. What an embarrassing situation. Totally out of character for me. So I earnestly repented of my haste and asked the Lord to set me straight, on this subject…and HE did! Immediately! My PEACE was restored as the Holy Spirit spoke into my spirit, and explained that it was HIM all along. That is why I didn’t hesitate when I saw it. It wasn’t about the book title or the person, David Dellit. It was about the Holy Spirit and what He wanted to say to me and mine. So I quickly set to and Googled all I could find about both; the book and the man. I have never been sorry. I have been so blessed by this introduction via the Holy Spirit, and will continue to share this present day prophetic masterpiece, with all I come in contact with. We are literally running out of time. God is about to return for His bride, the church, and we are still not dressed, ready to accompany Him, to the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb.” We have been complacent for too long, and this is HIS wake-up call to us, HIS bride! Amen! I am so glad we got acquainted. Thank You Holy Spirit, and thank you brother David Dellit, for your faithful obedience, in doing what He said, when He said it. His church can only be the more blessed for this beautiful Love letter – addressed to us, each one. Blessings.”
Leila Nord
CEO & Founder of Jachin Boaz Ministries


“David Dellit is one of the Lord’s “END TIMES” PROPHETIC AUTHORS. The fresh Word of Revival. The holy spirit led me to defend my sharing the post of Valentine Prophecies against Satan himself, even though I had no knowledge of the book, or the author for that matter. A door has been opened which none can close. All the Glory be unto God. May God bless David, may God bless Leila. Amen”
Apostle David Bernard Edwards


“I just read your book. Everything is exactly what the Holy Spirit has been saying to me since January. I found that VERY revealing and fascinating. God is so amazing and mysterious. Blessings too you brother in Christ.”
Cindy Gombert