David Dellit grew up near the quiet shores of Moreton Bay in a peaceful suburb of Brisbane, Australia. As a young child he enjoyed spending his days with a fishing rod in his hands and the family dogs by his side. His teenage years brought out a rebellious side highlighted by throwing rotten tomatoes at houses and attempting to destroy neighbours’ letterboxes with fireworks. At age 17, he met the love of his life while in Sydney. They soon married and began their family with the birth of a lovely baby girl. David returned to Brisbane with his new family and began a career with the Police Force. After many active policing roles, he left the Police Force and enrolled at University and trained as a teacher. David has also enjoyed success as an entrepreneur and business owner.

Throughout it all, David has always sensed that God was near, sometimes with great power. He spent decades with a particular church that believed it was the perfect church and those who attended other churches would never enter the gates of heaven. God challenged David to serve him in ways that breached some basic beliefs of this ‘perfect’ church, resulting in David descending from being socially admired by the congregation to being totally shunned.

God led David to a new, friendly, and loving church where his spiritual life became calm and comfortable, until February 2013. It was Valentine’s Day when God began to share with David. He instructed David to simply type what He shared and send it out worldwide. God’s message is what has become ‘The Valentine Prophecies.’

Authors note: If ‘The Valentine Prophecies’ are seen as nothing more than a book full of my lies, realise that it has brought my life to a complete stop, has cost me a significant amount of money, and has made me the target of peoples’ judgement and hatred. One may accept a penalty for standing for what they know is truth, but not for what they know is lies. May God bless you as you read, ‘The Valentine Prophecies’ and I look forward to you sharing with me via blog or email. Thank you.