Dear Partner in the Lord,

Thank you for responding to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to contribute. The cost of spreading The Valentine Prophecies throughout the world is high, and sales of The Valentine Prophecies are low in number due to the hardness of hearts.

God calls urgently for restoration, reformation, and spiritual revolution of his church back to what Christ originally intended, but his kingdom sleeps. God is preparing us for the imminent return of Christ, but he says few of us are ready and most of us will be left behind.

However, God has positioned a few for this hour, a few like you, to be his servants to awaken his people.

Thank you Father God that by your power you are glorified and our tiny role is simply to love you and to say yes to every Word.

Every single dollar that comes from God, via you, is used to pay the cost of lifting up and sending out The Valentine Prophecies into all the world.

Thank you.
God bless you.

From your brother and fellow servant of the Lord,
David Dellit

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