readexcerptIn The Valentine Prophecies, God instructs His people how to spiritually thrive, not just survive, and teaches them how to use His words and His power to transform themselves and others, to transform Christ’s church, and to transform His kingdom worldwide. It is time for the church to wake from her slumber. Christ’s return is imminent. God calls upon His people to transform and reform so that His planned worldwide revival can begin and the radiant bride of Christ, His church, will be ready for Christ’s return.

Some of His words are corrective but His love for His people shines through. God has plans for His church to explode—by His power and in His love. For those who know the voice of the Holy Spirit, He will confirm for you that this book contains words for you from God. For those who do not know His voice, may a spirit of conviction come upon you as you read.

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God challenges all believers with the warning that He is sending Jesus very soon and, for those who will not listen, who are not caught up with Christ, but are left behind, “…the earth will descend into a hellish state.” These late-coming believers will sadly repent as martyrs. God is warning you now so that all may listen and escape these terrors that are soon to fall upon the earth.